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When somebody wants to stop feeling bad, always it is possible that it will end with drinking alcohol and this way we can find out that alcohol addiction is a result of the stress hormone.

People who are not alcoholics think that drinking alcohol for such persons is just kind of pleasure. Maybe not quite like that but very close. Alcohol makes them feel better and everything seems for them to be easier. They live in stress and they want to forget about it. So they want more and more alcohol, what makes them addicted. All the time they only want to feel better or simply happy. Like others they need something to make their nerves calm. Some people in such situation eat food, make sex, smoke cigarettes, do shopping or drink alcohol. And when they find out that it helps them very quickly, they need it more and more. When somebody is under the most stress, it is a big temptation to do something, what will stop this at once. Alcohol is very easy to get.

Scientists found that alcohol addiction is a result of the stress hormone

Neuroscientists from Scripps Research Institute in San Diego got new evidence, that if you can get your stress under control, you can also stop your addiction. The scientists were working on rats,  which were cultivated to be addicted to alcohol. Experts found that suppressing a stress hormone – corticotropin, made rats drink less. Rats were even prevented from alcoholic dependence. Corticotropin was releasing factor CRF - the antagonist which counteracts the effects of the stress hormone, in brain and in a whole body. When the stress hormone was blocked, the rats started to drink less alcohol. The scientists were very surprised what happened. The way that CRF antagonist made feel rats was unusual. It shouldn’t have reduced the pleasure of drinking and it shouldn’t have made consuming alcohol unpleasant. This hormone triggers in our brain feelings of anxiety and it also stimulates the fight or not fight response. It makes a stress reduction, so  because of that rats were less interested in drinking alcohol and even less depended on it.  Scientists wanted to know whether the CRF antagonist can stop  the developing of  the alcohol addiction. They found out that when the stress hormone was blocked rats didn’t have a withdrawal and dependence of alcohol didn’t develop.

This experiences showed that brain and body stress response for addiction. When we can reduce stress we can stop the alcohol abuse. Still we don’t have such medication, which can work like CRF antagonist.  It is not widely tested on or used for humans. We are far away from such drugs for stress reducing. We can only work on our stress with ourselves  and don’t let the alcohol win with our mind.