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Alcoholism is one of the most common diseases associated with mental and behavioral disorders. It is one of the largest social ills by consuming excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages. Dependence is seen at first glance. The addict hides his addiction from the family and can't admit that there are problems with his self-control. An alcoholic has huge health problems, it happens that he also suffer from disorders of consciousness. His body begins to undergo degradation and the organs begin to be more and more destroyed.

Symptoms of alcoholism are also beginning to affect family life, social and professional. Addict loses contact with reality and becomes a slave to his habits. He doesn’t have good, friendly contacts or a circle of trusted friends. He loses his job, the house and often becomes financially bankrupt. Health problems and loss of positions in the environment frequently pushed addict to the margins of social life and dooms him to a life of isolation and  lack of prospects for the future life.

An effective fight against alcohol addiction is very complex and it happens that the addict alone can not cope in the fight against this cunning addiction. Excessive consumption of drinks, beverages not only leads to physical dependence, but also, as a result, to psychological dependence, which makes one given for continuous use of alcohol.

The desire for continued alcohol consumption can transform the life of the addict to a nightmare from which it is difficult to escape. The only salvation is a radical lifestyle change and a therapy. The best treatment is detox. The alcohol dependence can destroy the life of the patient and his family. Useful in battle is the use of NALTREXONE or disulfiram in treatment of alcoholism. This is a pharmacological agent that functions in two forms, oral and in the form of antabuse. Therapy helps to eliminate the possibility of recurrence. The principle of the matter is based on the consequences of alcohol consumption in the case of the simultaneous reception of the drug. In therapeutics minimizes the possibility of undesirable and unpleasant for the patient consequences. Fear of the patient before unwanted signs of alcohol use can stop it from further fall in the habit and hence help in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

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