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If you drink alcohol it can lead you to serious problems with your health, especially connection alcohol and pregnant woman can give dangerous results to unborn baby.

You could not even know that you are pregnant at early months of pregnancy and if you drink a lot at this time, you can harm not only yourself but mostly your child. We can’t say that there is a safe amount of alcohol that pregnant woman can drink. Scientists from American Academy of Pediatrics say that even small amounts of alcohol while woman is pregnant can increase the risk of many serious consequences such as miscarriage, stillbirth, prematurity or sudden infant death syndrome.

Many babies are born with health complications if their mothers are alcoholic. Such infants need to stay at the hospital for a long time, because they must be closely monitor. Some of them may have such issues as cognitive impairments and learning disabilities. They can also have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and birth defects.

If you are drinking alcohol when you are pregnant, the poison travels with your blood very quickly to your unborn baby. Anything that pregnant woman consumes goes to her baby, including dangerous substances like alcohol. It is much easier for adult people to get rid of alcohol from their body. For infant it is very difficult. And the more time alcohol remain in infant’s body, the greater is the risk for damage in his brain or in other important body organs. It can cause a wide range of health complications. Especially at the early stages of pregnancy, drinking any amount of alcohol is really very harmful for baby.

Alcohol and pregnant woman – health complications

Researches show that 10 percent of pregnant women in age 18-44, were drinking alcohol in the past 30 days. They also tell us that women who drink on a weekly basis pre-pragnancy are up to 50% more likely to drink alcohol while pregnant. One in three women who drink alcohol during pregnancy binge drink. They have four or even more alcoholic drinks in a two hour time period.

It is very hard for alcoholic to say that he is what he is. This is family or friend who first say it to you, that they recognize that you have a problem. There are some warning signs, which show drinking behavior while woman is pregnant :

·         She doesn’t want to go and see a doctor for prenatal care

·         She doesn’t take any nutrients

·         She always says she drink only a small amount of alcohol and it is not harmful for baby

·         She behaves herself very aggressively and recklessly

·         She forgets about daily responsibilities and tasks at home or at work

Alcoholic woman can affect baby after she even has given birth. Heavy alcohol use when woman is breastfeeding is very dangerous for infant. Alcohol is not only in her blood but also in her milk. It can take many hours for one drink to be eliminated from the mother’s body. If mother breastfeeds baby after drinking alcohol it can increased risk of many problems in her infant health conditions.

It doesn’t have to be this way of course. There is a help for women who drink a lot and want to have a baby. If you are alcoholic it is never too late for you to get help. Specialist can help you with pharmacological therapy with medication called Naltrexone, before you will decide to become a mother. There are many rehab programs and you can find something for yourself. If you are pregnant specialists will monitor both, you and your baby, during detox and in other stages of your rehab process. You can help yourself and your unborn child and find the road to recovery right now.