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There are a lot of links between alcoholism and depression – in both directions. Depression could be the reason of alcoholism and on the other hand, alcoholism can lead to depression. When alcoholic give up drinking he feels like he lost something. His life is not complete. If somebody suffers both alcoholism and depression, the situation when he finishes drinking makes him very sad. All bad feelings, that such people heel with a help of alcohol, start to become real. In this moment they feel like in agony.

Many alcoholics don’t know what is the problem and what are they going trough. They were  depressed before abuse and they were sure that after therapy everything will be better but still they are very sad. Life without alcohol is so empty for them. Struggle with both problems: alcoholism and depression is very hard. It is necessary to have a support of close people, friends, family or those who can relate to what such person is going trough.

For alcoholic with depression there will be a bigger problem to get trough occasions without drinking alcohol, then to a person with addiction but without depressive disorder. When you suffer with  depression nothing can make you happy and even when you see people smiling, you feel sad and full of pain. It can be a trigger for an alcohol drink. In such situation, when around are a lot of happy people, celebrating something special, alcoholic with depression feels himself very lonely and sad, because he can’t rich for alcohol and forget about everything bad.

As matter of fact he started his problems with drinking alcohol in the same point. He was sad, depressed and it was alcohol, that made him feel better that time. So for such people it is a horrible circle. They always need to drink alcohol to feel normal, to feel less depressed. For people who are diagnosed both with depression and alcoholism the only way to stabilize depression symptoms is medication. Not only anti – depression but also implants which help to fight with alcoholism, like Naltrexone. People who have both disorders and don’t want to take medications, can find that their recovery will be very difficult for them to get.

What can help people with both disorders alcoholism and depression?

They should build a solid support with people who also suffer from depression and trying to recover. They shouldn’t spent time with people who make him feel sad. It is important to avoid places and things which trigger cravings and urges. If you need to be at any special events you can be supported with good friends who will take care of you and don’t let you drink alcohol. If you are afraid that it will be to many occasions to drink on such party, you can come simply only for dessert. You must also understand that people celebrating with drinking alcohol and they will not stop doing it. You are the person among them who must know when to say “thank you, no”.

People who stopped drinking alcohol could lost their friends too, so this a chance to find new ones. They could be from a support group.

You must remember that your recovery starts in your mind.