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Alcoholism and family it is a very difficult problem. Alcoholic doesn’t destroy only himself but the whole his family as well. Alcohol abuse can ruin marriage and make a war between members of family.

People who drink too much of alcohol can spend all the family money on alcohol, ignore children and the health and happiness of their close friends. Alcohol abuse it is a reason of physical altercations in 60-70 percent of marriage couples. The addiction harms all members of family and the only way to help them is to  try therapy and rehab.

Scientists found that alcohol impairs one’s cognitive functions and physical capabilities and it can be seen in neglect of responsibilities associated with work, home life or school. People with alcohol problem getting into fights in their families. It starts with domestic disputes and violence. Alcohol always exists with hangovers. This time is very hard for family members too. Drinking alcohol is a priority for alcoholic so working or spending time with family means nothing for him. Alcohol abuse has a horrible effect on family, friends, employers, colleagues and all people who depends on drinking person. And what is important alcohol coasts a lot of money so persons with alcohol addiction need money to buy it. Alcoholic can spend all family budget on it so alcohol abuse can lead to big financial problems, not only because of buying too much of alcohol but when you are drunk it  is easier for you to buy anything impulsively. Everything can be more attractive after few drinks.

Alcohol and family – destroying problem

When you drink a lot it is difficult to work normal because your productivity is much lower. If you are not drunk you are in hangover. And what is important your health getting to be worst. After long time of drinking alcohol you will need medical attention because of pneumonia, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, cardiovascular illnesses or even different forms of cancer.

Because of all of this alcohol addiction can lead you to situation when you will have no money so you will increase your credit card charges to cover the gap between expenses and reduced income. You will need money for charges for alcohol or alcohol related activities such as gambling. The personal or family stability can be radically shaken because of that.

We can’t forget about children in families of alcoholic. Children can have a problematic relationship with alcohol because of early exposure to a person with alcohol abuse. They have a very difficult situation with their parents drinking too much alcohol. Children try to understand their parents – why they are drinking? They notice all changes in their parents behavior. Sometimes they feel even guilty and self blame. They feel also a frustration, anger because they don’t understand why their parents acts this way. Alcohol changes everything at family home. It disrupts routines such as mealtimes or bedtimes so children can’t live normally in such condition.

The worst result of alcohol drinking is domestic violence and child abuse, which can occur when there is a person with alcohol problem in family. 92 percent of victims of domestic violence reported that the assailant had used alcohol on the day of the assault. There is a cause and effect relationship between alcohol abuse and domestic violence. In 40-80 percent of families, children suffer physical abuse because there is too much of alcohol at home.

Parents who abuse alcohol should try to seek a treatment for their addiction. Medical centers offer a full spectrum of services which can give them the healing and recovery process. The best way to help a person with alcohol problem is to use a pharmacological treatment with medication Naltrexone. It is the easiest way to become free of addiction and healthy.