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The sensational news are coming from American scientists – brain proteins can stop alcoholism. They play an important role in tolerance of alcohol.

Brain proteins bind to alcohol probably can cure alcoholism – such news were written in journal of the Society for Neuroscience in USA. This important brain protein is called MUNC 13-1 and it has a pivotal role in the development of tolerance to alcoholism.

Now, the problem of drinking too much of alcohol, is the most important in the world. This is a mental health problem. Scientists try to find out how the ethanol and alcohol destroy people and change their brain, when they are in addiction. And in this year they developed the way of functioning the tolerance to alcohol.

If somebody tolerates alcohol, he can drink more and more of alcohol. But he can be sure it will end with addiction. So some people have such possibilities in their brain that they tolerate alcohol and because of this they drink too much. Scientists want to stop alcohol from binding into MUNC 13-1. In their opinion it will help with alcohol addiction, by reducing tolerance for it. They think that if they will reduce the tolerance it will help to reduce addiction too.

MUNC 13-1 – the smart brain protein which can stop alcoholism forever

Study focuses on binge alcohol exposure. The whole process of binding alcohol to MUNC 13-1 goes in brain synapses. It is a place where signal is going from one nerve cell to another. The main place where this process begins is the presynaptic space. It is not so good known part of the synapse mechanism.

Alcohol creates widespread and long lasting changes in neural activity when it is in binge exposure. It takes place in presynaptic and postsynaptic activity. The scientists were doing their study using Drosophila genetic model system. It is a simple model but with similarities. The equivalent of MUNC 13-1 they found is called Dunc 13.

They made a reduction of Dunc 13. It showed a behavioral and physiological resistance to addiction of ethanol. It means that MUNC 13-1 has a very important role in way to develop drugs for alcoholism. This pills will have to inhibit binding alcohol to MUNC 13-1. It will reduce its activity. The tolerance to alcohol will be smaller then. Because of this it will be much more difficult to become addicted to alcohol.

 Till this time there is a very good medicine for alcohol abuse which is called Naltrexone. It helps to reduce the influence of alcohol to body and you can start going out of addiction.