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Alcohol addiction is a very big problem and it exists in different societies. High function alcoholic  can be a very well known Hollywood star. Too much work and a big stress can push anybody to drinking alcohol in a big amount.

Among all those celebrities there are really great actors and musicians. One of the stars of the well known film “Hang over” – Bradley Cooper was fighting with alcoholism for over a ten years. In this time he found out that alcohol affected not only himself but of course all people around him.

Great Harry Potter – young actor Daniel Radcliffe, was growing up in show business and like for many others child actors, it was too much for him. As he said, his addiction to alcohol was unhealthy and damaging to his body and his social life. He was drinking even before going on the set with his film uncle Gary Oldman, who was addicted to alcohol too. Radlicliffe struggle with alcohol was successful in the end and what is more important, he did it by himself and just for himself.

The end of fight with alcohol of other big film star - Carrie Fisher, wasn’t so happy. Princess Lea of the great movie ”Star Wars”, died in 2016 of a heart attack. She was addicted to alcohol for many years. In 2008 she published a book about her fight with addiction.  She was sure that the only way to feel comfortable all the time in her life, is to take drugs and drink alcohol. The end of such life was     tragic.  

Fighters with alcohol are among singers too. Billy Joel – famous musician, struggled with alcohol abuse. The situation was so serious that his friend Elton John, asked him to get treatment for alcoholism. The alcohol addiction almost ruined Billy’s life and career, but in the end he came back to normal life.

Stephen King – well known horror writer, had his own horror with alcohol and drugs. In 1987 his family and friends helped him to understand that he is an alcoholic and he immediately started to quit all his addictions. Thanks to his family and friends intervention, he understand now how much he was addicted and how happy and free he is now.

Celebrities with alcohol problem - famous people suffer because of alcohol addiction

Some celebrities stop drinking when they realized that alcohol can kill them. It was the same with Robin Williams, great actor, who decided to quit alcohol after his friend John Belushi death. Unfortunately Williams had to fight with alcoholism over and over, all the time, until he tragically died in 2014.

Being first lady of the United States doesn’t make you immune to alcoholism – Betty Ford was the good example of this. She suffered from alcoholism for many years and she finally recovered. She established the Betty Ford Center for people who fight with alcohol abuse. She showed people that there are no typical symptoms of alcoholism.

There are big movie stars like Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan or David Hasselhoff who had many problems because of their alcoholism. Gibson was arrested in 2009 for driving under the influence of alcohol. It was not the first time he was driving after drinking. In the end he decided to go for the rehab for his alcohol problem, because, as he said, there are only three options in such situation: you go insane, you die or you quit. Lindsay Lohan was very young starlet in Hollywood when she started to drink and  she said that in this time the alcohol was a gateway to other thing, like cocaine for her. In 2010 she was forced by court to wear an alcohol detection bracelet. It was made to monitor her alcohol consumption.

David Hasselhoff was dinking a lot. He was so drunk all the time that court made him to fight for his visitation rights with his daughters, because they were temporarily suspended because of his addiction. Now he wants to change his life completely and live healthy.

Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Adele, Anthony Hopkins, Drew Barrymore, Samuel. L. Jackson and many, many others celebrities show us that for them alcohol was used to self medicate for stress and problems. They show us that alcohol addiction can not only touch anybody, but also that there is always a way out from this situation. When alcohol becomes a problem in your life it is time to seek treatment. You must learn more about addiction and then explore treatment options such as very good medication Naltrexone, which can help you come back to normal life.