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If we are asking for comprehensive curing alcoholism, it is worthwhile showing that this method has few supporters. But in the world it is used universally and very often. A lot of people thinks, that connecting the psychotherapy and the Disulfiram therapy isn't able to help the alcoholic. It is an incorrect and based on unreliable theories. The alcoholic is supposed to attend therapy and to take next doses of the medicines. He should think, that organism poisoned with toxins and pathological thinking brain on alcohol. Double therapy will help him with the such challenge. Alcohol detox is always very useful. After the brush-off of toxins, it is time for implementing procedures. In the USA they proved, that the psychotherapy and the pharmacotherapy, applied together at alcoholics, is bringing positive results and benefits. And these persons, are able to live in the sobriety. Additionally, the alcoholic insert is completely indifferent to the organism, when you don't deliver  of alcohol. And it is possible to select the type of the psychotherapy individually. It is not has to  attending on AA mittings or the group therapy.


The drinking problem is a very grave disorder, whereas his symptoms are attesting to the development of a fatal illness. It won't be possible to treat such disease with one method, but one should act comprehensively. The combination of a few methods is giving the chance to be back to the normal life and is bringing relief for very patient. Psychotherapy along with the pharmacotherapy are bringing far more better results than very psychotherapy. One should remember that the behaviour therapy can discourage the patient to more distant from alcohol.  There is a purpose difficult to realization. The alcoholic can quickly come back to the addiction. He cannot control himself, when walks for social events or into places, where alcohol is being served. The strong willpower not always suffices for refraining  from drinking alcohol. In such situation  temptation appears. Surrendering to it, you need interrupt, you need  psychological therapy and medical therapy. Instead of to expose oneself to disappointment and defeat, it is worthwhile deciding on two therapy at the same time. The Antabuse, in the form of the alcoholic insert, such as DISULFIRAM or NALTREXONE allows enjoy life and without any problems let you participate in every social round. Temptation here is subjugated. And the alcoholic is enjoying life in a circle of friends and acquaintances. Moreover they showed that connecting the psychological and pharmacological method supports the state of the abstinence on very long time.