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Sometimes it is very dangerous for alcoholic to go out of addiction. There are a lot of withdrawal symptoms, but the most hardest experience is delirium tremens.

Delirium Tremens is known as combination of nervous system changes, which start to appear when a person trying to go out of alcohol addiction. People who drank a lot for more than 10 years and stopped doing it suddenly, usually have such problems as delirium tremens. After 48 to 96 hours after last drink, symptoms of delirium tremens start to appear. They can occur even to 10 days. The time when delirium tremens last can be different. From 24 hours till 5-7 days. It is depend on how long time the person had been drinking heavily before.

The cause of delirium tremens is probably the amount of alcohol that person drank for many years of addiction. When somebody drinks a lot, the body starts to treat alcohol as something usual to be. The production of neurotransmitter decreases. When the level of alcohol suddenly drops down the body starts to think that something is missing to function properly. And this is a beginning of delirium tremens. It can last for a short or long time. The brain of alcoholic try to compensate enhancement of inhibitory – neurons by up-regulating excitatory neurons. This is because alcohol has some influence on neurons. The brain has a big problem when a person suddenly stops drinking and it must find the balance between excitation and inhabitation. It can take a long time.

What are the symptoms of delirium tremens?

There are several important symptoms of delirium tremens:

  • ·         quick mood changes,
  • ·         fatigue
  • ·         restlessness
  • ·         hallucinations,
  • ·         delirium,
  • ·         decreased attention span,
  • ·         deep sleep lasting for more than a day,
  • ·         confusion
  • ·         changes in mental function,
  • ·         body tremors.

Sometimes the body of alcoholic shakes violently with seizures for about 48 hours.

How can you help with delirium tremens?

People with delirium tremens should be usually treat in hospital. In this place they can be monitored and they can get medicines. In such situation good help is to use a benzodiazepine. The drugs help to excitability of the nervous system to be suppressed. It reduces the symptoms of delirium tremens. Unfortunately 5 to 15 percent of patients die because of delirium tremens. So if you or your close friend has a problem with an alcohol addiction, start to think now how to stop it, before it is too late. The very good solution in such situation is pharmacotherapy with medicine Naltrexone which is very effective and helps to stop drinking without delirium tremens. You can help yourself or your friend right now – just call us!