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At the moment of alcohol consumption, the drug causes a number of symptoms that are unpleasant for the patient, e.g. dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, burning in the chest, very bad mood. The original implant gives the symptoms every time after drinking alcohol. It is impossible to "drown", "drink" or pick it out.

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The alcohol-deterrent implant should be introduced only in legal doctor's offices. The fact of introducing the implant in the office must be reported and registered. The right to introduce the alcohol-deterrent implant should be documented by a permit and a certificate. For example, Disulfiram Lublin. It is best to find an office that has an ISO certificate for this type of treatment. The patient is invited to the appointment together with an accompanying person. The doctor presents the patient with the alcohol-deterrent implant. The medicine is original, new with an appropriate expiration date. The patient and his/her family is informed about the effects of this medicine. The patient is informed that he/she will receive the original implant, which will give very unpleasant symptoms each time after drinking alcohol. The patient signs a voluntary consent for the introduction of the alcohol-deterrent implant.

According to the instructions of the manufacturer of Disulfiram, 8-10 tablets of this drug should be implanted. Only this amount gives the highest probability of drug action. The treatment, which is painless for the patient, is performed under local anaesthesia. Properly introduced implant does not give a feeling of thickening under the skin; no "bump" is visible. The incision is about 2 cm long and is closed with sutures. The patient is always invited for free check-up in 7 days to remove stitches. Every next check-up is free.

Alcohol-deterrent implant in Lublin
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