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You can see in all media, in any movies, that people drinking alcohol look very elegant with pretty, colorful cocktails, but as a matter of fact you must think about drinking alcohol and your look.

After long night with heavy alcohol consumption – what can you see in the mirror? Very sick person of course. Institute of Alcohol Studies in USA, stated that consuming big amounts of alcohol can cause more than 60 different issues and hundreds of physical conditions. All of those problems can be seen on your face and body. Alcohol is very aggressive to your skin and makes you look much older then you are in fact. Excessive drinking causes body to become dehydrated. Every time after drinking a lot of alcohol, the first thing you need the next day is a big glass of water. Alcohol slows down the process of anti – diuretic hormone – vasopressin. Kidneys need to work twice as hard to counteract the excess fluid. All organs in body become dehydrated. The first organ which is in such  condition because of this process, is skin. It is cracked and wrinkled and because of that looks much older. The other parts of body suffer because of the dehydration too. Cracked, brittle hair will break easier and create split ends. You can even lose your hair. When you drink a lot of alcohol, you have zinc deficiency. As National Institutes of Health found, approximately 30-50 percent of alcoholics have low zinc, which can cause hair loss. Because of alcoholism you can also have lower levels of important vitamins B and C and higher levels of estrogen and you can lose your hair this way too.

Drinking alcohol and your look – don’t forget about the destructive action of alcohol

When you drink a lot of alcohol you can have red face. Such condition can cause permanent damage in your body. It is the result of higher blood flow to the skin, which leave an unhealthy appearance for days. Alcohol causes small blood vessels in the skin to widen, allowing more blood to flow close to the surface. Sometimes it will cause the blood vessels on face to burst and the capillaries to break. The blood vessels in eyes can become red too and irritated, because of high level of alcohol. Heavy drinking of alcohol can lead to blindness. When you are an alcoholic your body loses a lot of water and need to compensate it, by retaining the water it still has. Because of this, you look puffy. Your  feet, hands, face and other parts of your body, looks like pumped. People who are alcoholic don’t care about their personal hygiene. They don’t wash their body, hair and don’t brush their teeth. Because of that they smell very bad and look dirty. Consuming alcohol leads to liver damage. Dark circles under bloodshot or slightly yellow eyes, skin rashes – there are symptoms of liver damage, which shouldn’t be ignore. According to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, 10 percent of alcohol consumed leaves the body unused through sweat, breath and urine. That is why the body odor of alcoholic is horrible. People who drink alcohol too much don’t sleep well. It is very important to get proper rest because while you are sleeping, your body can repair heart and blood vessels and make immune system much stronger. And you can look better thanks to that.

If you need to drink an alcohol, you must remember that you need to drink a lot of water too and if you don’t want to be drunk very quickly, you must eat normal as well. Drink responsibly, but if you can’t and you feel you lose control in it, you need a help of specialist and try to take a medication for alcoholism like Naltrexone. It will stop your addiction and let you live in normal way without alcohol.