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A lot of  great  people in history of our world, drank too much of alcohol. Maybe it helped them to be so unusual.  We can admire them now but for sure we shouldn’t admire their alcohol addiction. Their achievements were monumental but they had a big problem with alcohol.

Alexander the Great had conquered most of the world in his time, but he also murdered his best friend when he was drunk and organized drunken orgy which ended with fire of Persian palace in Persepolis in 330 BC.

The great father of philosophy – Socrates, had the same problem with alcohol like Alexander the Great. He was mostly drunk when he was discussing the big ideas of his time. He was drinking a lot but he made everything to not be seen drunk by other people.

The leaders of the world countries and political parties were alcoholics too. The good example is Benjamin Franklin, who enjoyed to drink beer very much and even was saying that “beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”.

Poets are people who usually drink a lot. One of the well known Romantic poets – Lord Byron was also known as a man who was drinking too much. He drank libations from a skull-shaped cup. He wrote that” man being reasonable must get drunk; the best of life is but intoxication”. Because of his problems with alcohol he was known as a dangerous and mad man. But he was also a hero, because of his role in the Greek War of Independence against Ottoman Empire.

Famous alcoholics in World History – greatest people of old times had the same problems as now

Being an alcoholic was a big problem for such people like the man who inspired dictators all over the world – Karol Marx. He and his friend Friedrich Engels was traveling across the Europe and changing the political history, all this time with vodka, beer and wine in their hands. Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital were created during ten days when Marx and Engels were talking, thinking and drinking a lot of beer of course.

The Royal Family hides the secret of the Queen Mother. She was known to start the day with a cocktail at noon and end with two glasses of champagne at dinner. But we can’t forget that during the War she refused to leave London and held court at Buckingham Palace, raiding the wine cellars and ensuring everyone maintained their high spirits. She died at the age of 101. She always said that she couldn’t get through all her engagements without a little something and it was always a bottle of gin in her carriage, which she was drinking between her engagements.

But in British history was the other person who drank much more alcohol for sure. It was two time Prime Minister and Nobel Prize winner – Winston Churchill. When he served on the front of Cuba, India, Sudan and South Africa he was always drinking a lot of alcohol. It was his habit to start each day with a Johnny Walker and water and end the day with a few glasses of alcohol drink, scotch, or champagne. He was drinking vodka with Soviet Ambassador. Churchill said that alcohol had a significant impact on his life and that he have taken more out of alcohol that alcohol has taken out of him.

All artists were always drinking too much. American Bohema was usually with a glass of any alcohol in their hands. Actors, film directors and writers, they all drank a lot of alcohol not only in history but at present time too. Fame always exists with psychical problems and because of this it can ends with alcohol addiction. Marylin Monroe, John Wayne, Dean Martin or Judy Garland - they were so famous and so involved in alcohol drinking. Writers were addicted too. The well known writer Ernest Hemingway started to drink alcohol very early in his life. He was fifteen year old reporter in Kansas City and then he went to Europe during World War One. When he was traveling all over the world he was drinking hard all the time. He even wrote about himself – “I was drunk since I was fifteen and few things have given me more pleasure”.

Drinking alcohol sometimes leads people to addiction and because of that they should remember that there is now way out of alcoholism which is pharmacological therapy with a help of medication called Naltrexone.  Many years ago there were no such help for people with alcohol abuse.