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The very well known Heineken brewery helps fight with alcoholism. They are working with many charities to stop influence of drinking on people all over the world. Heineken and a charity partner took out of circulation very strong cider. They also did an extremely original gift to many pubs in UK. Heineken and a major brewery’s partnership paid for millions of glasses, which they gave to pubs. There are not quite normal glasses because there are printed on them an informations about alcohol abuse.

Heineken decided also to remove 100m units of alcohol every year from the marketplace. Brewery promised to introduce smaller measure into pubs for their own and Amstel brands. They called now “shooner”. They also removed two strong drinks from the list of their products.

In their opinion there are links between strong cider and growing alcohol addiction. Heineken is working against alcohol abuse with the largest British drug and alcohol treatment charities Addaction. They are working together since 2009. Addaction employing more than 1000 people from England and Scotland. They work for a minimum price, just to support fight against alcohol addiction.

It is very important that Heineken brewery helps fight with alcoholism all over the world

Famous brewery Heineken helps to remove alcohol from the market place, by reducing the top British brand of cider. Instead of this strong brand they sell lower alcohol variant now.

You can also find the chief medical officer’s advice on daily consumptions of alcohol drinks on each bottle and can, which is produced in England. It is an order of Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal.

Company Heineken believes that lower brand power, information about alcohol drinking and alternatives of alcohol will help to fight with alcohol abuse in England and in the other countries.

Heineken exists in business for 150 years. It is the biggest brewery in Europe. They have duty to show people responsible behavior. It is very respected brand. Company trying to raise awareness on responsible alcohol consumption. They always put intention on alcohol drinking in society in not considered way. This company communicate directly about positive manner in drinking – lower alcohol brand. They are trying also to educate people to consume alcohol responsibly, by saying “When you drink, you never drive”. Heineken creates intervention programs. When you don’t consume alcohol responsibly, you can have harmful consequences. They are not only harmful for those people in addiction, but to the whole family and society as well.

Alcohol abuse is a great concern not only for government but also to whole society. To fight an alcohol abuse it is necessary to work in partnership and join forces. The problem can be solved with pharmacological therapy for people who are abused. The best medicine in such cure is Naltrexone, implant, which helps you to start to live normal again.