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For many people alcoholic it is a man who always drinks too much. His family life is destroyed and he is broken. But sometimes the reality is quite different.

A lot of people with alcohol addiction seem to be just fine and they are called high functioning alcoholics. There are simply alcoholic, who live normal life, with good job and money, home, normal family, friends and all social bonds. They drink a lot and often, but very expensive alcohol and mostly alone or with close friends, but they are sure that it is not alcohol use disorder. Such person might not act like normal alcoholic. He could be a responsible man, working even as a boss of company, on a high position in it with responsible job. He might be a man of success and nobody expects him to have any problems, especially with drinking alcohol. And even this person might think that if he has a good job, a good salary, he has enough money, has friends and family, that for sure he is not an alcoholic. He could think even if he drinks only expensive wines that he has no any alcohol problems. But still he drinks heavily and it makes him to be in an alcohol addiction.

             Signs of being high functioning alcoholic

There are few signs of being high functioning alcoholic:

·         If you are a woman and drink more than 3 drinks a day or seven a week.

·         If you are a man and drink 4 drinks daily or 14 a week.

·         If you lose friends, close people due to drinking.

·         If you have any problems with the police because of drinking.

·         If you don’t care about responsibilities at work, home or school because of drinking.

·         If you need alcohol to relax or feel confident.

·         If you get drunk even when you don’t intend to.

·         If you forget what you did when you was drinking.

·         If you drink from the beginning of the day or when you are alone.

·         If you are angry when somebody confronted you with your alcohol problem.

A high functioning alcoholic may seem to be in control, but he can put himself or other peoples in danger because of his alcohol abuse. He can have highly risks sexual contacts. Heavily drinking people can live in a risk of many serious sickness like liver disease, pancreatitis, cancer, brain damage, memory loss and high pressure. People like them can be killed, die in a car crash or commit a suicide. To be an alcoholic seems to be very close with domestic violence, child abuse and neglect.

The way to help himself in such situation is the same as for any kind of addiction. You need a psycho therapy and medical therapy. The best medication for alcoholism is Naltrexone, which help you break through denial and begin to recover.