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People who have problem with drinking alcohol too much must start their recovery with detox. It is the first step to come back to normal life.

Alcoholism is a big problem. Alcoholic is not the only one person suffering because of it. All his friends and family are in this situation with him and struggle with his addiction. They want to stop everyday hangover. Is it possible to make a detox at home?

It could be dangerous when an alcoholic is in a fatal condition. It will be better than to make it at a rehab facility. It is not easy to make a withdrawal from alcohol and not everybody can make it on their own. Anyway when the situation is not so bed you can try to do an alcohol withdrawal treatment at home. It makes easier this painful situation. There is no better place for that, but of course help of friends or family is necessary. Withdrawal from alcohol shouldn’t be treat without any responsibility, because it can end with a serious medical consequences.

The options of detoxing at home

There are several ways to make  detox at home. For people who have been drinking a lot and for a long time it is necessary to have an inpatient treatment with a medical care. The other option is outpatient treatment when somebody must only visit sometimes a doctor to prescribe medications. Although self detox without assistance from doctor is very difficult.

You must prepare yourself and your home for detox. You must remove alcohol from your home and clear your schedule. It is important to make it easy to control cravings. The temptation is very strong when you know that there is somewhere a bottle of alcohol. And you must focus on your own problems, on your recovery. And of course you need some support. You shouldn’t do it alone. Somebody must help keep you safe trough the whole process. You must eat, even if food is the last thing on your mind. It is important because your body metabolizes and utilizes nutrients but in another way because of alcohol. You need a balanced diet. Plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and proteins. You can’t forget about vitamins and minerals. The most important are B vitamins, Vitamin C, E, calcium, magnesium. When you are doing an alcohol withdrawal you need a good hydration for your body. You must get rid of toxins and rehydrate your organism. You need to drink a lot of pure water, juices and green tea.

It is very important to check every time if your health is good enough and you don’t need a medical professional help. You must remember that the symptoms of withdrawal alcohol can be very different and they depend on many factors like age, gender and longevity of addiction.

Detox at home can be the best route to normal life for alcoholic. It is a very first step, dangerous but very important. The best help with withdrawal symptoms is to take medications, which make it much easier. For example it could be a very good medication Naltrexone, which helped many people on the world with their struggle with alcoholism and made it possible to come back to normal life.