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When you drink too much you can’t see after that correctly. It is normal that alcohol changes your vision.

People who are alcoholic never can see anything in normal way. What does the alcohol make with their eyes?

There are different effects of alcohol on the eyes. An alcohol abuse cause problems to people sight.

  •        The reaction is much slower. After even one beer you will not be able to adapt as quickly to oncoming headlights on the road.
  •              Alcohol decreased contrast sensitivity. Scientists found that alcohol reduces the ability of the eye to adjust vision for brightness and contrast. It is happened when there is 30 % of alcohol in blood. The driver is not able to make a distinctions between different objects because of alcohol in his body.
  •               If you drink too much you can have a problem with myokymia, which is eye twitching. It can be triggered by alcohol abuse.
  •               Scientists suggest that an alcohol can increase and exacerbate all symptoms of dry eye. Because of that you can see everything in a different way and you can get bacteria in your eyes.

If you drink too much you can destroy completely your eyes

The other group of problems with eyes which increase when somebody is in alcohol abuse cause long – term damage.

  •       The results of many studies have shown that cateract formation increases when somebody consumes a lot of alcohol.
  •        Age related macular degeneration was identified after many science exams with alcohol. Drinking alcohol is a very high risk factor for this health problem.
  •        If somebody is a heavy drunker, he always has a bad situation with vitamins level in his organism. Alcohol abuse affects the absorption of vitamins in the liver. Vitamins are important for good eyesight. If you drink a lot and  you don’t make a supplementation of vitamin B1 it can cause a weakness or even paralysis of the eye muscles. If you have an alcohol problem and you don’t take any vitamin A it can cause a night blindness, thinning of the cornea, dryness, corneal perforation or even blindness due to retinal damage.
  •           People who are drinking alcohol excessively can have an optic neuropathy, a painless loss of vision.
  •          If  pregnant woman drinks a lot of alcohol it can permanently affects the eyesight of her baby.  Scientists found that many children eye problems  are the effects of excessive exposure to alcohol in womb. Children have such problems as underdevelopment of the optic nerve, difficulty with eye coordination or even the tendency for eyelids to droop.

Some of the vision effects after drinking alcohol can go away on their own in a short time, if you don’t drink too much. But if you are an alcoholic it is possible that you will be suffering from some long-term effects very soon. Because of that you should see a doctor soon and start to take medication like Naltrexone to help himself in fighting with alcohol abuse and start to live normally without any problems with eyesight.