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Because restrictive sanitary and epidemiological conditions must be fulfilled in order to ensure the highest patient safety it is unacceptable to introduce the alcohol-deterrent implant in a patient's bed at home or in another place not intended for that purpose.
It happens that the procedure is carried out by a person who can not prove to be a doctor, is unable to confirm the legality of the drug or persuades the patient to implant the amount of the drug which is smaller than 8-10 tablets. Implanting a smaller amount of the drug will deprive the drug of its effect. The argument: "You weigh 55 kg, so I will give you 5 or 6 tablets" is cheating of the patient. Introducing the implant in a quantity smaller than the recommended dose does not cause that the insert will work for a shorter period of time, e.g. for 4 months. It will not work as it should. It will not help to solve your problems or act prophylactically, as it is mentioned on this web site.

Alcohol detoxification with Disulfiram/Esperal or NALTREXONE alcohol-deterrent implants is easier!

The important information that will take you to a specialist!
1. The legal surgical and diagnostic office with permits for introducing alcohol-deterrent implants, ISO certificate - as the highest guarantee of professionalism.
2. The doctor with many years of experience.
3. 10 tablets of the original Disulfiram or one pill of NALTREXONE
4. NON-ABSORBABLE stitches and medical check-up in 7 days.
5. Issue of full medical documentation after the surgery. The patient MUST have the confirmation of what was done, by whom and when.
6. The bill for the procedure or VAT invoice.
7. Issuing of a sick leave.
Remember! Take care of your health and choose wise treatment!
Omitting any of these points may lead to the implantation of a vitamin or other placebo with no therapeutic effect. Under such circumstances, the patient will most likely become a victim of fraud and convinced that he/she has received the "original" implant will try alcohol and not develop any symptoms. Then, he/she would think that he/she "drowned" the implant or was deceived. Meditus guarantees the introduction of the original alcohol-deterrent implant. Alcohol-deterrent implant NALTREXONE in one pill or Disulfiram in the amount of 10 tablets gives the best chance to help the patient.

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