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When you are in love with alcoholic you must remember, that you shouldn’t do several things. You should behavior yourself in a right way or you will become a victim of alcoholism too.

It is really difficult to change yourself when a loved one has a problem with drinking alcohol. You think that it isn’t your problem so he should do something with himself not you. But unfortunately you are the only one person who can help your loved one to fight with an alcohol abuse disorders, when you will change your reactions. You must understand that you don’t need to continue doing some things you do, when you are with a person with an addiction. You can for example place a problem in a different perspective and it will no longer dominate your thoughts. Then you will have clear your mind and you can start to think wiser.

The alcoholic always is trying to blame somebody or something for his addiction, so don’t let him do it. Don’t blame yourself. You must know that it was his decision, not yours and he will be drinking alcohol, not matter what will happened. He must decide by himself to stop. You can’t take what he says personally. You can’t think that his mind works correctly, because his brain chemistry may have changed after many liters of alcohol. If he promised you something he even can’t remember about it. You can’t think that you can control anything. Of course you will be trying to do all to stop your loved one in drinking alcohol, but you must understand that the results can only destroy you, when you will find yourself feeling lonely and very disappointed. You always will be sure that you have strength to stop this but the reality is that not even alcoholic can control his drinking. The crisis point of addiction sometimes must happened to help the alcoholic understand that he has a real problem. When you want to rescue him from this situation, it can only make it longer to stop the addiction. So let the crisis happen, even if it is very difficult for you and painful.

When you are in love with alcoholic you must know what not to do

Remember that you are not a healthcare professional and you can’t cure the alcohol problem. Your loved one need professional treatment to get better so help him to find a good clinic, where doctors can give him a medication for alcoholism and make him healthy again. You can get there some very important information  about this for example how you can help your loved one to detox himself. What he should eat and drink. But you always must remember about yourself too. Your good health is very important. You must also learn to deal with the alcoholism problem openly and honestly so you must named it. If you will hide the whole situation you will be playing the same way as the alcoholic, who is always hiding his problem. He don’t want anybody to know about his addiction. You can’t accept it when the behavior of your loved one is unacceptable. You can’t agree with that he is drunk and all is because of that. It will be more such situations. You must protect yourself and your children if you have them. If there is a violence as a result of drinking alcohol, you must stay away and find a help. You shouldn’t expect that an alcoholic can give you a promise and keep it, will be honest with you. It is impossible because he can’t even trust himself. The alcoholism is a progressive disease and you must remember that it will be getting worse until the alcoholic seeks help. You must understand that alcoholic doesn’t feel the same way as normal person. You will be crying of pain and he will do nothing. He must feel his own pain to realize that he should change something. So let him feel even the pain, because it must happened to wake him up and let him cure himself. In such moment he can decide to visit a specialist in a clinic, when they guaranteed him a prescription for recovery.

The best medication for alcoholism is Naltrexone, which is a very popular solution for alcohol addiction all over the world. If you want to help your loved one make him use it and for sure he will be able to come back to his normal life without any problems.