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  • Alcohol-deterrent implant

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      NALTREXONE IMPLANT(CLICK) interrupts the pathways in the brain that release endorphins when alcohol is consumed. This means that a patient will feel less pleasure when drinking alcohol and less desire to be intoxicated.

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      DISULFIRAM - alcohol-deterrent implant

      Introduction of DISULFIRAM(CLICK), the so-called "alcohol-deterrent implant" During subcutaneous implantation of the drug, the patient receives subcutaneously 10 tablets of the ORIGINAL Disulfiram.

  • Professionalism

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      Free check-up after the procedure

      Each patient after introduction of the alcohol-deterrent implant is invited for free check-up of wound healing process and suture removal.

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      Legality and security

      The effectiveness of the treatment depends on several elements:
      1. The person performing the procedure MUST be an experienced doctor
      2. Documented many years of experience in helping people with alcohol problems
      3. The legally operating office
      4. The possibility to issue full documentation of the procedure
      5. The possibility to issue a VAT invoice for the procedure
      6. The consent of the Pharmaceutical Supervision in Lublin for the legal use of drugs applied in alcohol detoxification* * the consent required by the order of the Minister of Health to the use of main medicines.