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  • Is the procedure painful?

    No. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia. The patient does not feel pain

  • Where is the "alcohol-deterrent implant" introduced?

    The tablets are implanted most often above the buttocks below the level of underwear elastic (the scar is invisible after removing of the shirt).

  • Is it possible to work after the implantation?

    1-2 weeks recovery period is recommended after the procedure. If necessary, the patient receives a medical certificate for this period of time

  • Can I drive the car right away after the surgery?

    Yes. The drug does not adversely affect the patient's psychomotor ability.

  • How long does the drug work?

    My experience and observation indicate that the drug works for about a year. Depending on the body weight and individual condition of the patient.

  • Can the drug be picked out?

    No. The removal of the drug by the patient is completely impossible.

  • Can I "drown" the implant?

    No. The subcutaneous implantation of 10 tablets of the original Disulfiram each time gives reactions after ingestion of alcohol.

  • Are the tablets visible under the skin?

    No. Properly placed tablets are invisible. Does the drug cause side effects? Like any drug - Disulfiram can cause certain side effects. However, they are very rare

  • What happens when the patient consumes alcohol?

    These are the most common symptoms like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, chest pain, feeling unwell. In individual cases, episodes of the loss of consciousness were reported.

  • When the patient can make an appointment?

    Just call the contact number and make an appointment with the doctor. The visit is usually scheduled for the next day.

  • Is the office legal?

    Yes! The office has all the permits for the surgical and diagnostic facility. The statute includes the characteristics of the office for alcohol detoxification and subcutaneous implantation of the drug. The practice has permits from the following offices, among others: Medical Chamber in Lublin, Sanitary-Epidemiological Station, Pharmaceutical Supervision in Lublin, Social Insurance Institution – The quality certified by the prestigious certificate PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015

  • Can the introduction of the "alcohol-deterrent implant" cause death?

    The purpose of the drug is to cause a series of symptoms which are very unpleasant but SAFE for the patient. The preparation itself is not made to cause deaths. This is a drug from the pharmacy - so it is legal and safe.

  • What is alcohol intoxication?

    Alcohol intoxication is the toxic effect of alcohol on all organs and cells of the patient's body, impairing its functions and preventing normal life and functioning.

  • What is alcohol detoxification?

    Alcohol detoxification is a comprehensive procedure aimed at compensating for water and electrolyte deficiencies, abolishing the symptoms of alcoholic delirium and protecting the patient against alcoholic fit. The drugs are given in the form of drips, oral tablets or injections. The choice of drugs depends on the current state of the patient.

  • Will I be in pain after the treatment?

    No. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia. The patient does not feel pain.

  • Alcohol-deterrent implant

    At the moment of alcohol consumption, the drug causes a number of symptoms that are unpleasant for the patient, e.g. dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, burning in the chest, very bad mood. The original implant gives the symptoms every time after drinking alcohol. It is impossible to "drown", "drink" or pick it out. Get to know about alcohol detoxification in Lublin. Start with the NALTREXONE(CLICK) or DISULFIRAM(CLICK) alcohol-deterrent implant in Lublin!

  • Choose our offer for alcohol detoxication in Lublin!

    We offer you the access to one of the most effective centres dealing with professional interruption of binge drinking and introduction of the alcohol-deterrent implant NALTREXONE(CLICK) and DISULFIRAM(CLICK). Professional alcohol detoxication is characterized by a holistic approach, both to the patient’s physical and psychological problems. During the visit, the patient undergoes a general-internist examination. The doctor determines what medications and at what doses should be given. We offer alcohol detoxification at the highest level - confirmed by the European ISO quality certificate (CLICK). Alcohol detoxication must be carried out by a physician having many years of experience, and Meditus Lublin boasts such specialists. The patient should be informed that psychotherapy is the causative treatment of alcoholism. An alcohol-deterrent implant is a good complementary therapy